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Next-generation wellbeing and productivity platform

Eviday is designed to maximise people’s impacts and experiences at work. We use real-time data and actionable insights to turn individual employee experiences into company-wide productivity.

  • Foster collaboration and innovation
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Attract and retain top talents

Using evidence to make everyday better.

Holistic platform

One place to understand your people, places and tools.

Real-Time analytics

Workplaces are constantly evolving. Always know what your employees need.

AI recommendations

Keep track of what’s most important and know how to create great experiences.

How it works

First, we understand employee needs

First, we understand employee needs

Our employee app collects all relevant data to understand the individual needs of every single employee. We give employees a voice and make sure they are being heard, we empower employees to choose the right work environment based on their activities, allowing them to access services and stay up-to-date.

Individual Employee Needs Profiles

We continuously collect data to understand in real-time what employees need to work in a way that suits them best.

Second, we nderstand work environments

Second, we understand work environments

An in-depth understanding of work environments is needed to address individual employee needs. We collect and combine all relevant data about the social, physical and digital work environment. This empowers managers to understand exactly what they provide to their employees.

Visions & goals Soc. network analysis
Sensor data Spatial qualities
ICT infrastracture ICT usage data
Third, you always know what’s best for your employees

Third, you always know what’s best for your employees

Our final step is to compare the individual employee needs with their actual environments. We combine and analyse all relevant data in our management hub and use AI-driven recommendations to make sure businesses have the evidence they need to make the best people decisions.

  • Directly actionable insights
  • AI-driven recommendations

We proudly collaborate with:

Conception X

Based in Berlin, Kinzo is an international architecture firm, active at the interface of interior architecture and design. A holistic design approach and support throughout all design and constructional phases round off the company philosophy. To further evolve the understanding of employees’ needs, Kinzo has now taken the next big step: a collaboration with Eviday.

About Kinzo

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Game changers

Businesses consistently fail to create workplaces that work for their employees. We're building Eviday to change that radically.

Eviday is based on unique research at University College London and in-depth industry expertise in workplace consulting and change management. We are backed by world-leading organisations in both industry and academia and are part of two incubator and deep tech venture builder programmes.

Right now, every single business has to establish a new work strategy and reshape their organisational culture around their most valuable asset: their employees.

Markus Urban
Markus Urban
Founder of Eviday

“As an architect I have always been driven by the goal to create great work environments. This requires a rigorous understanding of user needs and led me to research employee experiences at UCL. Having worked as a workplace consultant and change manager for large corporates, I've realised that most workplaces don’t work for the people and the strategies and approaches that are used both in-house, as well as by consultants constantly fail to create lasting benefits. That's where the idea of the world's first truly holistic employee experience management platform began.”