Know what employees need.
No matter where they are.

One app to understand your people, tools and spaces and how you can improve work for everyone.

University College London
Kinzo Berlin
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Barclays Eagle Labs
Karim El-Ishmawi and Chris Middleton from Kinzo Berlin

“What makes Eviday so exciting is their holistic approach! A continuous flow of feedback to help companies evolve and improve, using data to make the right decisions.”

Karim El-Ishmawi & Chris Middleton
CEOs, Kinzo Berlin

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All in one platform

Understand your people, their workplaces and how to help them thrive.

Eviday uses a quick and easy online tool to continuously capture how employees are doing and how they perceive their work environments.

We combine the results with workplace data to check how workspaces, company’s culture and technology support employee wellbeing and productivity.

Each employee gets a personalised dashboard that helps them to better understand their working patterns and gives them precise insights and recommendations to self-improve.

Leaders get a comprehensive management dashboard with actionable insights and recommendations helping them improve the social, physical, and digital work environments of their employees.
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“Eviday brings together people and workplaces, enabling win-win decisions and actions for companies and their employees.”

Deepa Daniels
Product Leader, Former Director of Product at Peakon

Deepa Daniels, an Eviday advisor

Why Eviday

Combination of people, spaces and technology

Understand your people, spaces & tech

With Eviday, you always know how your people are doing and what exactly is driving their wellbeing and productivity – from software to WFH, the office or their relationships with colleagues.

Know who needs
your attention most

Eviday identifies the groups of people who aren’t doing as well as their colleagues and gives you detailed insights to support them in the best way.

Group recognition
Predicted impact and reach

Invest where it matters

Eviday calculates which actions will have the greatest impact on the wellbeing and productivity of your people. So, you can invest where it will help employees most.

Get started right now!

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Meet the team

  • Markus Urban

    Founder, former workplace consultant and architect, UCL PhD research in employee experience design.

  • Rita Lopes

    Science Lead, business psychologist witch 15+ years of experience, UCL PhD research in workplace happiness.

  • Rhys Patten

    Lead Engineer, successfully delivered AI & big data solutions for global investment banks.

  • Filip Letovanec

    Product and Marketing Manager, worked on global brand strategies for Fortune 500 companies.

  • Deepa Daniels

    Advisor – Product Design and Management, Ex Product Director at Peakon - exited for $700m.

  • Dr Benjamin Guedj

    Advisor – AI and ML, Principal Researcher at UCL AI Centre and Scientific Director of The Inria London Programme.

  • Dr Kerstin Sailer

    Advisor – Workplace Analytics, Professor in the Sociology of Architecture at UCL.

  • Dr Nikolas Mueller

    Advisor – Proptech, Former Professor for Real Estate and Leadership at HSBA.