Support the wellbeing and productivity of your employees

To create a great workplace, you need to understand your people, spaces and tech, and how they all affect wellbeing and productivity. We’ve developed an experience review for you and your organisation that helps your employees thrive and transition to hybrid working successfully.

Analysis of your employees’ experiences

A quick and easy online survey to capture:

Demographics and personality

Workplace quality

Organisational environment

Individual work styles

Wellbeing and productivity

Feedback for your employees

A personal dashboard for all employees, presenting:

Individual wellbeing and productivity levels

Experience score showing how individual needs are met

Tips to self-improve social, physical and digital work environments

Comparisons with colleagues

Insights to take the right actions

A comprehensive management report with:

Identified low-performing groups

Recommended actions to improve social, physical and digital work environmentsy

Predicted reach of each action

Calculated impact on wellbeing and productivity

Get your experience review today and help your people thrive

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