We’re sad to say goodbye πŸ‘‹

A statement from our founder, Markus.

As an architect, I have always been driven by the goal to create fantastic workplaces. The only way to do so is by understanding how the individual social, physical and digital environments allow employees to thrive. This is already difficult to achieve for a single person, and nearly impossible to do for hundreds or thousands of employees.

So, about two years ago, I founded Eviday - a deeptech startup using AI to empower businesses to address the individual needs of employees in real-time and at scale.

Today, we are sadly sharing our decision to discontinue Eviday.

The last two years have been incredible - both challenging and fulfilling. We worked around the clock to build the first-ever holistic employee experience platform. A platform giving businesses the insights they need to know exactly where to invest to get the best out of their people. A platform helping employees to better understand their experiences and self-improve on the go. We created a product that challenged the status-quo of our competitors, and pushed standards for employee experience analytics much, much further.

But we had to ask ourselves some difficult questions: Can we reach big clients in a very short time? Can we generate profits? Can we secure enough funding to grow? Sometimes, even with the best vision and the best team, the answers are not what you want them to be. And that is the conclusion we have come to at Eviday.

This is one of the hardest decisions we had to make in our lives. We cannot thank everyone who has supported us in our goal to make work finally work enough. From small businesses running our test trials to large organisations rolling out our product - it was you, managers and employees, who have had their true share in shaping Eviday.

We want to thank everyone: our clients and investors, our amazing team and brilliant advisors, all the people we collaborated with and all of those who contributed to this amazing journey. But most of all, we want to thank those who believed in our vision, and whose feedback drove Eviday forward.

So what's next? Our team is looking for their next opportunities. We have grown immensely, both personally and professionally, over these two years, and we are ready to contribute to other companies and startups with all that we have learned.

And who knows – maybe, one day, we will be back!

& The Eviday Team

Eviday Team
Markus and Filip from Eviday Team
Eviday Team Meeting
  • Markus Urban

    Founder & CEO

  • Rita Lopes

    Science Lead

  • Rhys Patten

    Lead Engineer

  • Filip Letovanec

    Product & Marketing